Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews

FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing SystemWhy Buy A Vacuum Sealer?

Aliminium foil, Tupperware, plastic wraps and zip bags all store food well, however, none of these options actually preserve the food being stored. This is where the best vacuum sealer differs greatly, not only will it store food, it will preserve it.

The best vacuum sealer will preserve food by sucking out the air (and any moisture) and sealing the food shut inside. Without moisture and oxygen being able to touch the food, microbes, mould and other food destroying elements are prevented from getting anywhere near it. As a result food can have a shelf life of five times longer than it usually would.

Storing sealed food in the freezer will ensure sub-zero temperatures slow down enzymes inside the perishables, keeping them far fresher than they would be otherwise. Vacuum sealed food also doesn’t suffer from freezer burn, something that will be appreciated by those who store a lot of meat, poultry and fish.

A vacuum sealer don’t just have to be used for food though, some models will help preserve other items such as magazines, clothes, letters and other items.

Top 5 Vacuum Sealers – 2016

ImageNameConsumer RatingPrice
FoodSaver V22444.2Find Lowest Price Here
FoodSaver V32404.3Find Lowest Price Here
FoodSaver GameSaver4.6Find Lowest Price Here
FoodSaver FM21004.3Find Lowest Price Here
FoodSaver 48404.2Find Lowest Price Here

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Vacuum Sealer FoodSaver V2244The FoodSaver V2244 is a manually operated machine that offers a crush-free instant seal to help protect delicate foods that you are saving. The V2244 can be used for anything from long-term storage of meats and fish in your freezer to short-term storage of cheeses and deli meats in your fridge.

The FoodSaver system keeps your food fresh for up to 5x longer than it usually would be. Not only will this help you keep your food fresh, it will save you money month after month.

The FoodSaver V2244 also uses a patented, removable, dish-washer safe drip tray for easy cleaning and also happens to be dishwasher safe.

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FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Vacuum Sealer FoodSaver V3240The FoodSaver V3240 has a vertical design that will save you counter space while its automated nature helps simplify the process of vacuum sealing. The V3240 also has a very user-friendly control panel so that even the least-technical amongst us can use it.

Because of its vertical design the V3240 is very portable and easy to move around should you need to take it from place to place.

Because of its simplistic design you are quite limited when it comes to options, you have 2 speed options and moist or dry sealing options.

The FoodSaver V3240 doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

Best Vacuum Sealer FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing KitThe FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Sealing Kit is a simple one-touch food sealer that will keep your food fresh much longer than it would normally be. It also uses a patented, dishwasher safe drip tray for easy cleaning.

The extra-wide sealing strip used by the FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit ensures a secure, air-tight seal for your food. It also has different settings for moist and dry foods that will ensure the perfect seal every single time.

FoodSaver really believe in this product, that is why they offer a10-year limited warranty with every single purchase, far longer than most other vacuum sealers on the market today.

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FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Vacuum Sealer FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing SystemThe FoodSaver FM2100 uses a brand new technology that minimizes the amount of bag material used, it can reduce the use of bag material by up to 40% in comparison with other FoodSaver models. It also uses moist and dry food settings for far greater sealing control.

The vertical design of the FM2100 is great for space saving as well as easy storage, perfect for those with smaller kitchen counter space. The removable drip tray also makes it very easy to clean and will also extend the life of the appliance.

For those who are worried about quality, you really don’t have to worry with this model. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

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FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Vacuum Sealer FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing SystemThe FoodSaver 4840 2-IN-1 Vacuum Sealing System features a built-in retractable handheld sealer that seals zipper bags, canisters, containers and marinates food in minutes. As with most FoodSaver models it comes with a moist and dry food setting for optimal sealing.

The FoodSaver 4840 features a built-in cutter that simplifies the process of custom bag-size cutting. It also features a light indicator which illuminates when the drip tray is full and needs cleaning or when vacuum and sealing is in progress. The extra wide sealing strips also ensure that you will have a tight seal that could save your food for up to 5x longer than normal.

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Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Types Of Vacuum Sealer

Generally there are two types of vacuum food sealer, one is the counter-top style and the other is a handheld version. Counter top models are the best vacuum sealer, they are more durable and offer stronger suction and sealing strength, however, they are also more costly and take up much more space.

Advantages Of A Vacuum Sealer

1.Economical Save

The vacuum sealer will save you money throughout its life-span, you will be able to save foods that you will have otherwise thrown away such as leftovers or foods that are about to pass their sell-by-date.

2. Freshness

Fresh produce tastes far greater than older produce, sealing foods locks the freshness in meaning the food will still taste great much longer than it usually would.

3. Easiest Way To Keep Things Fresh

Rather than explain how easy it is to vacuum seal your food, watch this video and see just how simple it is.